How to increase brain productivity
The modern rhythm of life, characterized by enormous flows of information, constant overload and incessant stress, affects the efficiency and productivity of the brain not at all positive. Hence there are intellectual ailments such as absent-mindedness, reduced personal effectiveness, lack of interest and indifference to the world around us, inability to focus, etc. All of these are clear signs of decreased brain productivity.

Put your brain to work

Mental work is a great exercise for the brain, because when it is loaded with activity, neural connections improve and the power of the intellect develops. As a great workout will suit exercises that develop memory and attention, learning foreign languages, solving crossword puzzles, playing chess and logic games, solving mathematical problems. So, if your gray matter is regularly stressed, you do not have to think about how to increase brain productivity.
Also note that the constant use of aids, such as gadgets, contributes to a decrease in brain productivity. So when you need to count something, do it in your mind, if you need to make a route for a ride in the city, do it mentally, and when you need to remember something, do not hurry to get the notebook, but strain your memory. In addition, you can also train your brain with specialized programs like this thinking course.

Eat right

Today almost everyone knows that for quality work the brain must be provided with glucose. For this reason, incidentally, many people mistakenly believe that you need to eat more sweets, but sweets in huge quantities is a sure way to problems with excessive weight. To provide your main organ with the right amount of necessary substances, it is best to consume foods that contain natural starches and sugars. Such foods include nuts, black bread, rice, legumes, potatoes and others. A helpful article on eating right can be found here.

In addition to talking about food, we need to say a few words about beverages, and specifically about coffee. Despite the popularity of caffeine, it is not the best way to increase brain productivity. It is much better to drink water, and it is desirable to do it every hour, and even if you don't have any thirst. And given that dehydration is one of the causes of overwork and loss of ability to work, it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of water in human life.

Read educational literature

The benefits of reading for more than one hundred years, extolled by the great minds of mankind, and that it is extremely positive effect on brain function, there is no doubt. Through reading you can improve your ability to concentrate, broaden your horizons, and stimulate your imagination. We can add that, for example, the researchers from the Mayo Clinic, USA, came to the conclusion that reading repeatedly reduces the likelihood that even in old age a person becomes "stupid" and "freeze".

On this basis, we recommend you at least for a time to forget about the beloved by the majority of people television, and pick up any informative or interesting book, and start paying to read at least half an hour every day. And as for the most developing literature, do not think that these are abstruse books and textbooks - to increase the productivity of the brain works well with foreign and domestic classics, detectives, stories and novels, historical literature, poetry, biographies and autobiographies of famous people. And another great way to rack your brain, as far as readable material is concerned, is to offer specialized courses to develop thinking. We have one of these, too - here it is.

Rest, Sleep, and Distractions

If you work very long without breaks, you can quickly lose your capacity for work and motivation. Of course, it is not always possible to plan the work schedule and manage working hours by yourself, but almost everyone has an opportunity to take small breaks from time to time, distracting themselves from work as much as possible. For example, a little chat about this and that with colleagues during a short break is very useful. For example, Oscar Ibarra, author of a University of Michigan study, is convinced that talking increases brain productivity in some cases. People who take breaks during the workday and chat with colleagues about various nonsense for about ten minutes pass intelligence tests much better than those who do not do this. The trick is that communication helps to sharpen memory and activate other important brain functions, because communication always needs to process information.

Well, if you work remotely, you're lucky, because we can control your time without fear that someone will punish you with a ruble or a reprimand, if you, for example, an hour to leave everything and spend this time for a pleasant conversation with a friend. However, and communicate with someone is not necessary, because the main thing - it's just a simple distraction and a good rest.

In addition to all this do not neglect the days off, especially if you have your own business or you work remotely. The best way to relax and distract would be a trip to nature. Go fishing or hunting, go mushrooming or berry picking, climbing a mountain, spend a week in another country. At the very least, you can just go out to a friend's dacha and barbecue - any of these ways you can get a charge of energy, increase brain productivity and relax.

And, of course, we can't avoid mentioning the full and healthy sleep, because it is very important for both body and mind. Lack of sleep, particularly systematic, as well as lack of sleep are the causes of premature fatigue and poor decision-making. So try to follow the regime, go to bed and wake up at the same time if possible and provide yourself with 7-8 hours of sleep. If you want to know how to sleep differently, you can read our article on alternative sleeping habits.

Get rid of bad habits

Despite the fact that today about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol that haven't heard only the natives of the most lost jungles of the world, there are people who say that tobacco and alcohol stimulate brain activity. Doctors, in their turn, have made all kinds of researches and experiments for tens of times and the results showed and still show that smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages for brain is a myth.
Both of these substances are false stimulants of brain productivity and performance, because the feeling of a rush of power arising from them is just an illusion. In fact, alcohol and cigarettes (and tobacco), contrary to the widespread and mistaken belief, interfere with concentration and concentration, reduce the efficiency of the brain, and negatively affect the amount and quality of work performed. You can read more about the harms of such habits and how to get rid of them in this article.

Move around more.

Here we mean a stable and systematic daily physical activity. They make more elastic vessels and the cerebral cortex, improve blood circulation, restore lost neural connections and produce the appearance of new ones, and this to a great extent contributes to the productivity of the main organ of the human body.

To the topic of movements we also refer the head and cervical massage. It improves the blood flow of the cerebral cortex and has a beneficial effect on cellular blood circulation. It is very good to periodically visit professional massage salons, but you can also learn to massage your own head. A lot of information on this subject you can find on the vast expanses of the Internet, but we will only say that if you practice it at least for 10 minutes every day for 2-3 weeks, you will notice that you become less tired, and your mind remains longer awake and active.

And finally, we want to point out once again that one of the best ways to increase the productivity of the brain is rightly considered the development of thinking. And if you really want to make sure that your mind is always at its best, work on that as well. Follow this link and take one of our best courses.